Favorite Spring Gifts for Children

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored as I was sent several complimentary items featured and all are marked as “c/o” throughout the post. All editorial and opinions are my own.

Like many of you, I have yet to find my footing in this new world we’re now living in but the recent events have helped to magnify how deeply grateful I am to have my husband and son by my side. For me, what helps the most is to keep my focus on my son and to keep our daytime routine as close to how things used to be. We’ve decorated the house for Easter, we take walks together, we bake cupcakes and play trains and tag and hide-and-seek and I find that I often lose myself in these activities with him. For a few blissful moments, I forget the horror of the news and just soak up the wonder and love and innocence of my sweet baby boy. I thought I’d share a few spring finds that have brought smiles and normalcy back in our home despite recent world circumstances.

Monogrammed Easter Basket Bow (c/o) Lilah’s Bow*tique

This is the first year I’ve decided to put together an Easter basket for our son. I’ve gone back and forth on the idea because I didn’t want the focus to be on bunnies and candy rather than our Savior but I’ve decided that this can actually serve as a way to show our excitement and celebration of the day. I am still looking for a small cross to include in the basket but other than that, I am keeping it simple with a stuffed animal, a personalized hat (details below), candy and some vintage hand-painted eggs. And the gorgeously monogrammed Easter basket bow from Lilah’s Bow*tique is certainly the cherry on top. Aliisa, the shop proprietress, offers a variety of colors and patterns and I chose blue and white seersucker because it reminded me of the sash and swaddle I wrapped W in as a baby for his newborn photos. It adds the perfect finishing touch to the basket and is literally zero effort because it comes ready to go with a chenille stem that easily ties around the basket handle. And later in the year, I think I will re-purpose the bow to use on a wreath and perhaps a big birthday present.

Hippopotamus Lifelike Stuffed Animal (c/o) Melissa & Doug

We used to visit our local zoo several times a month and one of W’s favorite animals was a rhino named Hymel. Unfortunately, Hymel fell sick and the last few times we visited, he wasn’t out and about like usual. Instead, there was a notice pinned up that said his health was being monitored closely by physicians. Since then, W has made sure to include Hymel in our nightly prayers by asking God to heal him and make him feel better. So when I saw this cool lifelike hippo stuffed animal on Melissa & Doug’s website, I knew W would love him to pieces (even though it’s not a rhino, I knew it would be close enough, haha!). I told W I had a surprise for him and these photos document his excitement upon seeing the hippo for the first time. He immediately screamed “Hymel!!!!” and ran over to give him a big hug and kiss. It made my heart sing to see him so happy after a really tough time of not being able to see his friends or teachers. The hippo is super plush and soft and from the photos, I think you can tell that it’s pretty darn durable as W loves riding and jumping on him. I’m consistently pleased and impressed with the quality of products from Melissa & Doug and this is no exception. Big thumbs up!

Children’s Personalized Easter Applique Shirt (c/o) Greener B. Embroidery

I wanted to find something practical, casual and incredibly adorable for W to wear during Easter week and when I saw this super sweet bunny tractor applique shirt, I knew it was the one. While I’m not sure W’s school will be back in session in time for him to wear it to school, he’s been enjoying wearing his bunny shirt at home and for walks. And I sized up ever so slightly so I think he’ll be able to wear it two years in a row – score! Andrea was a dream to work with and I have never received a product so quickly in my life. After messaging her the personalization details, I had the shirt in my hands three days later. Seriously wowed. And the quality/workmanship is exquisite – highly recommend.

Personalized Canvas Storage (c/o) Lavington Designs

Toys just seem to multiply by the day in our home and I’m constantly searching for attractive storage to keep things tidy. I love the classic look of these heavyweight canvas storage bins as well as the size – they hold SO much stuff it’s truly amazing. For now, I’m just using them in our living room as a quick way to clean up but I might play around with the shelving in our upstairs bookcases and see how they work there. These would also make a great base for a wedding or baby shower gift. I’m really pleased with the durability and the quality of the monogramming and enjoyed working with Teresa.

Toddler’s Monogrammed Sailboat hat (c/o) Meg’s Monograms and More

W loves wearing hats and sunglasses so I’m always looking for a cute new cap for him. When I saw this darling sailboat monogrammed hat, I knew it would be adorable. It’s perfect for spring and summer boating weather and will make a great inclusion in his Easter basket this year.

Boys’ Monogrammed Polo (c/o) Meg’s Monograms and More

I love how this polo strikes the perfect balance between cute and grown-up – just right for that in-between age W’s at right now. Paired with seersucker pants, this is the cutest spring outfit. I was quite pleased with the quality of the shirt and the flawless detailed monogram. Beautiful!

Maroc D’Azur Elixir Oud (c/o) Mileo

Last but not least, I had to include something for the mamas out there. I think we’re all feeling a bit more on edge than usual and I always enjoy trying beauty products that are meant to nourish the skin so I was excited to try this line-filler oud facial oil. It is meant to target moisture, hydration, firmness and elasticity. My favorite part of applying the oil is when I cup my hands over my nose and take several deep breaths, inhaling the therapeutic oud. It’s so calming and helps me transition into sleep mode easily. And I’ve also noticed that my face does feel more hydrated since I started using the oil.

Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.