Traveling with ROAM Luggage

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored as I was sent a complimentary set of luggage from ROAM featured in the post. All editorial and opinions are my own.

With quarantine life in full swing right now for the fourth, fifth (I’ve honestly lost count) week in a row, I can honestly say I have never had wanderlust more than I do this very minute. I cannot wait to be able to pack our bags, pop them in the car and jet off to the beach. I find myself daydreaming about burrowing my toes in soft sand while breathing in fresh salty sea air for a weekend escape. I’m hoping that day comes sooner than later but in the meantime, I can happily tell you all about my two new favorite pieces of his-and-her custom luggage that would be sure to brighten any honeymoon or travel venture. To wet that wanderlust whistle, I sprinkled the post with images from some of my favorite travels which actually served as the inspiration for the colors we chose for our new suitcases from ROAM.

My favorite places to unwind have always been coastal locales. I love when the ocean is a mix of emerald and sapphire and the architecture that meets the water is a smattering of pretty pastels. All of my favorite travel spots I’m sharing in this post portray just that mash-up and with those visions dancing in my head, I headed over to ROAM‘s website and got to work designing our his-and-her luggage.

If you’re unfamiliar, ROAM is a USA-based luggage brand that strives to make travel more comfortable for its customers. I am so pleased with our new gorgeous luggage from ROAM and am excited for the day when we can pack these beauties up for a fun little getaway. Until then, I suppose we will have to settle for playing “vacation” in the living room with our 3-year-old … I must admit, he quite enjoys it and as you can see from the photos he’s all about our new luggage.

We chose to go with two of The Globetrotters, the largest luggage option offered. I have never been a light packer and now that we have a toddler who seems to grow by the day, I’ve found that any extra packing room is a blessing. And the fact that they’re ultra-light weight at 10.3 lbs. makes loading so much easier.

But let me get to the most fun part: designing them! With ROAM, you can customize your luggage in more than a million color combinations to match your style or destination – how cool is that? You start by choosing the color of the front and back shells, then move on to the zipper, zipper binding, wheels, carry handle, and, finally, my favorite part, the leather monogram patch. I can’t tell you how many different color combos we tried out but I absolutely love what we ended up choosing.

I chose the prettiest pink shade with chic black detailing for mine and my husband opted for a classic black shade with deep blue detailing. The colors definitely suit our individual styles and personalities and I like that they also remind me of some of our favorite travel destinations. The blue details echo those sapphire waters we love and my pink luggage reminds me of the pretty pastel houses lining the shore.

A few other things I love about our luggage: the ball bearing wheels that make the luggage glide so incredibly smoothly; the washable interior lining, the fully integrated TSA-approved lock; the interior pockets for laundry and accessories; and the super sturdy and strong cases that are crafted from 100% virgin U.S. polycarbonate.

If you’d like to get an early start on making your honeymoon one to remember, I highly recommend sitting down with your love and building your custom luggage on ROAM together. It was so much fun for us and we love our new luggage. Happy and healthy travels!

All photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.